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Can't Help Falling

Can’t Help Falling LP

Can’t Help Falling – Deanne Matley & Larry Koonse

Independently Released – June 2014

This debut album was created here in Calgary with Jazz master guitarist Larry Koonse from Los Angeles.  This is a straight up jazz album, with beautiful original arrangements of classic jazz standards.  In this collection of jazz standards,  Deanne’s sensual voice is stripped naked, with only the translucent veil of Larry’s haunting guitar for cover. They play harmoniously, changing balance, transforming into each other then separating. A pure and simple musical delight.

Deanne Matley - Chillin' & Fillin'

Chillin’ & Fillin’ EP

Chillin’ & Fillin’ EP – Deanne Matley

Independently Released – January 2013

Has a groove based jazz feel guaranteed to leave the audience feeling inspired. This recording contains songs from different styles, ranging from John Fogerty’s “Proud Mary” to the 1950s standard “Blue Moon”.  A special guest on the recording is trombonist Oscar Utterström, who currently resides in Nashville. This EP reached Top 10 Jazz albums on CJSW! and is reaching listeners all over the world. Click here to listen.

Deanne Matley - Get In The Mood

Get In The Mood LP

Get In The Mood LP – Deanne Matley & Friends

Independently Released – December 2013

Destined to create new holiday favourites for its audience. The song selections, are wide in emotional range, from the jubilant “It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year” to the beautifully pensive jazz standard “A Child is Born.” This album features the best of the best in yyc including performers from the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and a cappella group the Heebee-jeebees. Top 25 Overall Albums on CJSW!

Stealin’ Blue ( Live at Cafe Koi )

Stealing Blue ( Live at Cafe Koi ) – Deanne Matley & Bruce Petherick

Independently Released – February 2012

Debut album recorded live at Café Koi in 2011 with her musical partner Bruce Petherick on piano. The album is a mix of jazz standards and more contemporary popular tunes and showcases the duo in a live, intimate setting. She invited her friends and family to be the audience for the recording. The album has had airplay in Canada and in the United States and has appeared in Top 10 Jazz Album charts in cities across Canada.