Deanne Matley Performs at Le Cirque De La Nuit’s ÉPOQUE

April 22, 2022
8:00 pm
219 8th Ave SW, Calgary
The Palace Theatre
Deanne Matley Performs at Le Cirque De La Nuit’s ÉPOQUE
Deanne Matley

Le Cirque de la Nuit is incredibly proud to present our 10th Signature Production in our ever-expanding world of uniquely exhilarating nightlife events! Join us on April 22th, 2022 as we invite you to come embark on a time-travelling adventure like none other! Witness the extraordinary, mystery and intrigue that is Époque!

The year is 1895, and in the midst of the steampunk era, an unorthodox quirky inventor has created something astounding… a machine that allows him to travel through space and time! On April 22nd, he is ready to share his discovery with the world and cordially invites you to his humble abode and witness this astonishing feat. Will he succeed?

For all those seeking refuge from the ordinary and mundane, be prepared to enter a world without boundaries and rules! Cirque patrons play an important role in making these events everything they can be, so we encourage you to fully immerse yourself into the theme and dress the part. After all, how often do you get to run away with the circus!

Le Cirque De La Nuit

Le Cirque De La Nuit – Époque Feature Performer – Deanne Matley

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