Stealin’ Blue (Live at Cafe Koi)

Deanne Matley Duo - Stealin' Blue
February 1, 2012
Deanne Matley Duo

Deanne’s debut CD, Stealin’ Blue, is a tasteful mix of Jazz, and Pop favorites performed live in an intimate vocal/piano duo setting.

Deanne, a native Calgarian, has captured the essence of her riveting performances on this album which features twelve distinctive tracks. Known for her emotional, sultry delivery and a pure tone that envelopes the listener in a warm embrace, Deanne’s sensibilities lie in her simple yet elegant style. Her approach is straight from the heart, a heart that is warm, vulnerable and genuine. Artists such as Frank Sinatra, Sue Raney, Coldplay, Hawksley Workman, Rufus Wainwright, Bette Midler and many others act as influences.

The powerful energy and immediacy she receives from performing before a live audience fuels her drive as a musician. Her debut album is that much more bold, electric with feeling, and honest because of her choice to record Stealin’ Blue live. Stealin’ Blue is an invitation to a quiet moment of magic.

“I opted for songs with melodies that challenged my emotional boundaries and pushed me to explore the soul.” A quote from Deanne describing the musical mix on the album infused with Jazz, Torch, Blues, Pop and Gospel styles.

There are many standout tracks on this recording, one of which is “My Funny Valentine”. It is given an almost intensely cinematic reading. Deanne starts off with a blank vocal tone that has rather intense overtones for the verse. At the chorus, a more suave, sophisticated voice is heard as a counterpoint to the opening character. The piano solo serves as a bridge, a resting place between this vocal conversation. The song ends; a screaming whisper.

Another is the Cyndi Lauper ballad “True Colors”. Drawing on his extensive classical and jazz training, this version starts with an extended piano solo inspired by many musical influences. Deanne’s interpretation of the melody is vulnerable, passionate and real; emphasizing the song’s message of living authentically. The song’s unique ending has become a trademark part of this duo’s repertoire.

Stealin’ Blue is an album of ballads. It is for lovers. It is for intimate moments. It is for listening.

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