Golden Earrings


Premiered Sep 16, 2021

“There’s a story…the gypsies know is true..”

So excited about this release! Big love to all my fellow Cirque De La Nuit Performers

“Golden Earrings” Performed by Deanne Matley
Written by: Victor Young (music) and Ray Evans/Jay Livingston (lyrics).
Videographer: Jim Vanderhorst c/o www.cirquenuit.com
Video by: Catstar Images www.catstarimages.com

  • Deanne Matley
  • Tony Esteves
  • Joey Vedres
  • Shauna Jayne
  • Indigo Arts
  • Wolfflow
  • Kimberley Ilott
  • Kelsey Clement
  • La Rouge Co.
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